Wednesday, October 23, 2013

REVIEW: Maybelline Color Tattoo in "Matte Brown" (Gilded for Gold, LE)

I have been on a HUNT for the three limited edition Maybelline Color Tattoos from the Gilded for Gold Collection. I stopped by Bed Bath and Beyond (BBB) a while ago and spotted the display, but everything was wiped out except for the "Matte Brown" Color Tattoo which I of course had to purchase! I still want "Nude Pink" and "Just Beige," and let me tell you that I've seen it appear at CVS this week, but one Color Tattoo costs $7.49! What in the world! There was no promo going on either, and I purchased mine at BBB for only $4 (originally $4.99, used a 20% off coupon)! Rip off! I shall continue to wait and pray that they're not all sold out by the time there's a good deal!

At least I was able to grab one of them, right? :)

This is the "Matte Brown" shade out of the three in the limited edition collection, and my, my, it is pretty. What color is it? Matte brown, of course. 

Please excuse my super dry skin. LOL! I am not using any base underneath this swatch.

In my opinion, it it difficult to blend Color Tattoo shadows if you're using a brush, since you practically have to scoop your brush under the shadow pot, but the durability of these are amazing! Like  other Color Tattoos, I prefer to use my clean fingers to apply the shadow onto my eyelids. I find that due to the cream and gel-like texture of the Tattoos, they are easier to apply with a finger since the warmth of your fingers can help melt the product and allow for easier blend of multiple shadows. The only brush that I ever do use for Color Tattoos are flat eye shadow brushes that I use to gently pat down eye shadow.

The great thing about the Matte Brown shade is that it is buildable. You can tell by these photos that my eyelids are darkest nearest to my lashes than on the crease.

Overall, I like this matte brown shade and Color Tattoos in general. I don't mind using my fingers since I know that these bad boys will last me throughout an entire day of work!

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