Monday, September 9, 2013

Target Tuesday! (Renuzit Decor Packs)

Happy Tuesday!

I still can't get over the fact that autumn is almost here! With that said, many spring/summer items are on clearance. One of the great things about Target is that they sometimes sell bundles or packs of a certain item, then once the season is over, whatever is left goes up for clearance, so you get a good deal!

I came across the Renuzit Decor Packs at Target and picked up three. I got two of the "After the Rain" and one "Beach Breezes" for $1.48 each.

These were on clearance for $2.48 (50% off), and there was a peelie coupon on each of the packs that allows you to take $1.00 off a Decor Park, so I was able to use $1.00 off peelies on each of the three packs.

Each Decor Pack comes with one Adjustable, one Pearl Scents, and one Fresh Accents. 

It should say "Decor Pack" on the side if you are unsure.

The peelie will be on the other side of the pack that you can "peel off" and use. Unfortunately I was unable to take a picture of the peelies since I was in a rush, but I'm sure it'll be obvious!

I have only used the Renuzit Adjustables before and I prefer them over the Glade ones because they are much more fragrant. I do like my Glade oil warmers, but these Renuzit Adjustables work very well to freshen up a room!

I wish you luck at finding these! I recommend checking where the school supplies are at and where the gardening stuff is too. By the way, lots of school supplies and gardening tools are also on clearance, so if you have time you should take a look around. :) Good luck!

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