Friday, September 6, 2013

REVIEW: Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara

I sure do love me some mascara! Too bad I don't like this one though...

This is the Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara in "Extreme Black" that I purchased many months ago at the Navy Exchange. This is a pretty pricey mascara at $26, and I am actually surprised at how many people love this product, but then again, products can work differently on different people.

I like mascaras that gives that "umph!" creating natural lashes or very theatrical, dramatic lashes. I saw that this mascara had a large brush, so I was hoping that it'll give my lashes extra volume. Apparently this mascara is supposed to multiply your lashes, "magnify and grow to extremes." Um..

... Let's get to the pictures, and I'll explain. In this photo below, I have no mascara (or any makeup) on. You can see that my lashes aren't curled and are naturally facing out towards you.

Now I have one coat of mascara on both on my top lashes and bottom lashes. You can already see some clumping beginning to happen, and you can also see that the mascara has gotten on my skin. My lashes do look "magnified" and lengthened. One coat doesn't seem too bad, but I want it to be more volumized!

Two coats on, and it already looks clumpy. For sure, you can tell that this is not a good mascara for the bottom lashes.

Three coats is when my lashes got super "spidery," and it's not cute! Do my lashes look volumized? Yes, but look at all that product clumping those lashes together!

Here's another look at my lashes with three coats.

The formula is absolutely on the "wet" side, which becomes a big problem at least for me on big brushes. It's difficult to get that mascara wand through the lashes without it having touching your skin. Because this mascara is so wet, so much product can come off the brush easily and leave a clump on multiple lashes that gives it the spidery look. I don't like how much product comes out when I pull the wand from the bottle. It's so much mascara that I actually have to scrape some of the product off along the sides. I definitely believe that you can find better mascaras for a way cheaper price! Do I recommend it? No. 

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