Sunday, September 22, 2013

REVIEW: Choosy in "Peach" Lip Mask

I love all sorts of masks, but I have never heard of a lip mask before! I purchased one from a Japanese store by the brand, "Choosy," and there are certain scents that you can choose from like milk, peach, or honey. I picked up the peach one, and I tried it on earlier today, but let me tell you, my lips don't feel any different... Yikes.

I love how they say you can use these for your nipples too. Interesting, huh?

This lip "pack" contains 7 ingredients and is supposed to moisturize the lips.

You rip the top off of the package, and you'll find this:

It's like a jelly, rubber texture mask that is way bigger than your lips, but you're supposed to put it over your lips for 5-30 minutes. I don't like how the amount of time you're supposed to leave this this on has such a large range, but I left mine on for 30 minutes. I'm not sure why it's called a "pack" either, because there is only one mask.

It looks crazy huh? The mask feels like a slightly sticky rubber. It almost reminds me of those jelly hand slings I used to play with as a child. I gently pressed the mask around my lips and the skin surrounding my lips. It doesn't fall off since it has a slight sticky texture, but it felt like nothing but a jelly material on my lips. No odor, no taste. This is "peach" by the way, and I felt like there was nothing "peachy" about it.

After half an hour, I took the mask off, and my lips and the area around my lips felt like nothing. I do feel like I decently take care of my skin, but this did nothing. Maybe I need to use several more of these masks to see a full effect, but even the first time I tried a facial mask that I purchased for a dollar made my skin feel better than this. 

Would I recommend it? I personally wouldn't recommend this product at least in "peach", but hey, it may work for you. There are other flavors that may work better, but we'll see if I'll purchase those. This was $1.50, and luckily it was only $1.50.  

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