Sunday, August 18, 2013

REVIEW: Wet N Wild Coloricon Eye Pencils

Happy Sunday!

Today's review is on two products I purchased from the drugstore by Wet N Wild. I got the Wet N Wild Coloricon Eye Pencils in "Purple" and "Green," and I also purchased a dual pencil sharpener which I won't be reviewing. :P

These pencils come in multiple colors, and when I bought them, they had the "new" label on them. On the package it said that these eye pencils are supposed to be creamy. I've never tried Wet N Wild eye pencils before, but I can always appreciate eye pencils/liners that are creamy and smooth.

These are sharpenable pencils, and I do find that they are indeed creamy as the company says they are.

The color that you see on the outside of the pencil and on the pencil tip is exactly what you get when you apply it to your skin.

Here is the swatch. They are super creamy, and they glided on my hand without any issues. Note that I swatched this on my hand, so it can be different if you actually wear it on your eyes. 

If you have oily or combination skin or oily eye lids, these eye pencils will probably not last long on your lids.

Down below is a minute video showing you these two pencils in greater detail with me swatching them. I also did the rub test, and you'll notice that it wasn't hard for me to rub the products off my hand, which can be a downfall to those who have more oily/combo skin. 

I don't have any larger issues with these pencils. I do enjoy them although they smudge within 2-3 hours, but  it is what it is for their super inexpensive price. It's great quality considering that they're only $0.99 for one! My favorite is the purple one because who doesn't like to wear purple!? These are great pencils overall, and I can't believe that they glide so easily on my skin!

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