Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mini Tarte Haul From F&F Sale

I received my package from Tarte a little more than two weeks ago after their Family & Friends sale, and I'm here to share with you what I got!

  • "Romancing the Glow" palette ($25) - This palette is made of their infamous amazonian clay ingredients, and comes with a blush, bronzer, shimmering powder, and eye shadows. 

The packaging is absolutely cute too. It's a circular wooden disk with a beautiful turquoise rock-like stone placed down the middle with "tarte" engraved below.

This palette comes with a see-through sheet that labels the colors of everything. The blush is called "Romantic" found in the center of the palette. The bronzer is on the upper right hand corner called "Park Ave Princess" and the shimmering powder is called "Champagne." Eye shadows from left to right at the bottom of the palette are: Pearl, Sandstone, Cafe Brazil, Sunset, Tropical Bronze, and Turquoise.

Swatches from left to right: Romance, Champagne, Pearl, Sandstone, Cafe Brazil, Sunset, Tropical Bronze, Turquoise, Park Ave Princess

I also filmed the swatches below too so that you can get a closer view.

Cute floral design on the ends.

This lip gloss is similar to that of Stila where you click the bottom of the gloss for the product to come out. 

Once you apply it to the lips, it looks beautiful!

  • This was a free sample that came with my order. It's the "Hotel Heiress" Mineral Powder Bronzer which has some slight shimmer in it.

I love buying new makeup! So far I've only used the duo lipstick, and I love it! I can't wait to actually wear the other cosmetics! :)

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