Monday, August 5, 2013

Marshalls & TJ Maxx Clearance!

**UPDATE** Marshalls and TJ Maxx are starting to mark down items with yellow tags already! Now is the time to shop and look for these super savings! :)

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you know what I saw today at TJ Maxx and Marshalls!

I stopped by my local Marshalls and TJ Maxx today, and I noticed outside of Marshalls they had a huge banner that said, "CLEARANCE Storewide Going On Now," which definitely got my attention. As I was browsing, sales associates were marking down items! They're all red tag clearance, no yellow tags yet, but some of the prices on some of the items they have are just amazing! Even if you wait for the yellow tag clearance where things get super cheap, what you may be looking for may be gone! I saw:
  • J Brand jeans for $25
  • Free People shorts and J Brand shorts for $10-$15. 
  • Junior section -- A LOT OF STUFF ON CLEARANCE! Trendy spring and summer items are on super clearance!
  • Lots of dresses were on clearance as well. Basically most of the summer styles are on clearance! I started seeing fall items already on the racks, so I am assuming that the yellow tags will appear soon enough. 

Because of the Marshalls clearance sign, I thought I would check out TJ Maxx down the street too. It's weird, yet convenient how there's Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Nordstrom Rack all along one street. Deal hunting street! TJ Maxx didn't have signs, but sales associates were also marking down summer items. I saw
  • J Brand jeans for $25, Rag & Bone jeans for $12-$15
  • Tory Burch clothing that were on clearance from $100+ selling point at TJ Maxx for $35-50! 
  • Free People summer tops for $15
  • Rich & Skinny shorts for $10
  • Ralph Lauren tops $30-$50
I found a pair of shorts and denim at Marshalls for such a great deal! The denim pants were only $10 and the shorts were only $15! Look at the prices before! Awesome deals! 

It's definitely a treasure hunt when you shop at these stores, especially when there's a store wide clearance. You'll be surprised at what you'll find! Happy hunting!

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