Wednesday, August 14, 2013

LORAC Shop & Tell!

I purchased from the LORAC site last week and my make up has arrived!

I only bought two things: the LORAC Eye Candy Eye Pencil Collection set that is limited edition and is from last year's holiday collection, and I also purchased a single eye shadow in a gorgeous dark green/blue color called "Green Room."

The Eye Candy Eye Pencil Collection is still available on their website HERE for only $9! Last year during the holidays, this was sold for $28 for four which is still a great price, but $9 for four?!  That's incredible! You get four different colored eye pencils in Coal, Plum, Cocoa, and Licorice!

Closer look:

I love how each eye pencil is packaged in a sleek gold color with little gems on the sides. It's very elegant-like!


These are creamy! I only swatched them on my hand, so I'm not sure how they will apply when I wear them on my eyes, but so far so good! 

I also purchased a single eye shadow called, "Green Room" and it's probably one of the most gorgeous colors I own!

Look at that color! It's a dark green/blue shimmer eye shadow with some black. I love this color!


Here's how it looks when I lightly touched the shadow. It's super pigmented! By the way, this was only $6 on the LORAC website!

See how it shines? It has that slight iridescent glow that I like!

I wanted to play and expieriment with this shadow a little bit, so the first swatch below is without using any primer. The second swatch is with a primer and the third I tried swatching it over a black color, Urban Decay's "Crave." Notice how using a primer makes a difference. You can see the color better, and it shines so beautifully! Swatching it over a black shadow made no difference, just more black. Haha.

So there you have it! LORAC ships for free with no minimum purchase requirement which is a plus, since they have so many great items on sale!

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