Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Got2b Hair Products on Sale @ CVS & Walgreens! (Couponing!)

I've never used got2b hair products before, but I've heard that most of the products work very well. Most of the got2b hair products are on sale at CVS for only $4.99. Usually they range from $6.50 to $7.50, so this is a good deal. If you received the Red Plum coupon inserts this week in the mail, you'll find a $2 off got2b coupon for any got2b hair product which makes it an even better deal! If you have the CVS red machine coupon of $2 off $8 on hair products, then kudos!

These are also on sale at Walgreens for $3.99! Better price!  Use the $2 off coupon and pay ~$2 for a bottle!

This isn't a review as I have yet to try these products out, but I wanted to share with you the deal before it expires which is Sunday.

  • Buy 1 got2b product @ $4.99 weekly sale price
  • Use 1 $2.00 off any go2b styling item (RP, exp 9/14)
  • Pay $2.99! 

  • Go to Walgreens! Buy 1 @ $3.99 weekly sale price
  • Use 1 $2.00 off any go2b styling item (RP, exp 9/14)
  • Pay $1.99!!!!

I purchased 2 got2b products instead of one at CVS, so that I could use my $2 off $8 coupon, plus I am signed up for the beauty rewards program at CVS so my purchases will go towards that. I bought the kinkier double curling power curling spray gel and the smooth operator leave in conditioner.

If you also go the personalized $2 off $8 purchase of hair product here's what you can do like I did:

  • Buy 2 got2b product @ $4.99 each = $9.98
  • Use 2 $2.00 off any go2b styling item (RP, exp 9/14)
  • Use $2 off $8 Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Treatment or Styling CVS Red Machine Coupon
  • Pay $3.98! That's ~$2 a bottle!

I did end up using some of my leftover ECBs to pay only $1 at the end for both.

You probably noticed that the got2b bottles I purchased is a 2-pack! I was in the regular aisle where the hair products are generally located, and I thought that maybe I'll look around the cosmetics section too. Then SHA-BAM! I saw a got2b display at the bottle of the shelves where CVS puts their new beauty stuff and these styling bottles all came with a free travel size bottles too! I double checked the price in case it may cost more, but nope, it was on sale for $4.99! If you plan on purchasing any got2b products from CVS this week, be sure to look for the ones with a bonus travel size bottle so you can get more worth for your bucks! :)

Happy savings!

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