Thursday, July 25, 2013

Zara Clearance Sale Still Happening!

The Zara Spring/Summer sale is still happening online and in stores as they begin to gear the store for new collections for the upcoming new season! I didn't purchase anything from the last time I mentioned it on my blog, but today I did! I'm pretty cheap. I admit that I like saving money and looking for deals. There was a pair of shoes that I've been looking at called the Shiny Court Shoe, and it is now being sold for only $20! The original price before that was $50, but I remember when they first came out they were $80 until they price adjusted it. I am thrilled, but hopefully they fit and look good on my feet! This is the problem with online shopping! :p

I love the fact that they have these "gems" at every centimeter of the shoe! I'm thinking about wearing this to my cousin's wedding with my black Lauren by Ralph Lauren dress! 

Did any of you buy anything from the Zara sale? I love sales! 

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