Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Target 90% Off Summer Clearance?!

I haven't been doing Target Tuesdays lately because I haven't been to Target within the past two weeks, but I finally broke that seal! I decided on Monday to do a quick stop at my local Target and "browse" around. I ended up buying a few items, but I'll include that in a haul post sometime this upcoming weekend or next week. I've been doing quite a lot of shopping, but I haven't spent that much money, surprisingly! There's a lot of good deals going on, and I'm most likely going to stop by Target tomorrow again since there's news going around that Target's summer items are now going on clearance at 90% off. These seasonal/holiday clearances do not occur often, so I typically like to "stock up" on items for that season/holiday. It seems like you'll spend a lot of money since you're purchasing a lot of things, but because the price is so great, you're actually saving a lot more than you spend! Whee!

  • Typically these summer items are not marked since their prices are constantly reduced and then salvaged. These items are located in one area where they keep their seasonal stuff. 
  • Check in the regular aisles as well! Anything that may look seasonal without a clearance sticker, scan it! Summer isn't over yet, and there's plenty of time to still have fun (I hope), so check out the summer toys like water guns, bubble sets, and hoola hoops for your family! I am sure there are a lot more items, but I have no idea what is left since it depends on store and availability.They are most likely getting rid of these items in order to make room for autumn products. Crazy, isn't it? (Random: I already saw Christmas ribbons being sold at Costco at the beginning of July!) 
  • NOTE that some stores may not have marked down their items to 90% yet. Signs may not have changed like it says 70% Off , but scan the items anyway, because sometimes it's already 90% off, but the associates just haven't changed the signs!
  • Additionally you can use coupons wherever they may apply. I definitely recommend bringing whatever coupons you have (or binder!) and head to Target whenever you have a chance! You are allowed to use coupons on clearance items!

Hopefully I'll have something to share with you soon for my trip tomorrow. I'm hoping to score some seasonal party bags if they are on clearance! I wish you all luck shopping! Happy findings, everyone!

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