Thursday, July 4, 2013

Rite Aid Clearance Finds!

Hi everyone! Happy Independence Day! How are you celebrating the 4th? I had a family reunion earlier this morning, and we had lots of food! Yum!

I headed to Rite Aid before I stopped by my uncle's place for the family reunion to check out some stuff. Rite Aid along with many other stores are having major sales on cleaning supplies, clothes, and cosmetics! We are now in July so a lot of limited edition items from the spring season have been on clearance since it is no longer in-season.

I stopped by my local Rite Aid to scout for the Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System that everyone has been  posting about on Instagram. It was all sold out at mine, but my sister was able to pick up an extra one at hers and gave it to me. I found other items on clearance too in the same area shown and described down below.

The Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System was $2.50, and the No-Touch Refill Soap was only $1.

I consider Febreze the most expensive air freshener brand, and I found these NOTICEable refill dual set for only $1.62 each! There's a P&G coupon for $1 off any Febreze product, so I used 2 to buy these 2, making it only $0.62 each!
These Renuzit Aroma Fresh Accents in Raspberry were only $0.69 each at my Rite Aid. There are no current coupons, but this is a great price since it originally costs ~ $3-$4

Other deals I saw include:
Please note that prices may vary regionally and by store. Happy shopping! Did you guys find any other great deals?

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