Wednesday, July 10, 2013

REVIEW: Wet N Wild "To Muse and Carouse" Limited Edition Coloricon

Happy Wednesday! We are in the middle of the week! Yay! We are *that* much closer to the weekend!

Wet N Wild's Pop Art Craze has been released, and I've seen all six trios at my local Rite Aid in SD. I have the "To Muse and Carouse" trio which I will review for you right here!

Packaging: Packaging is like any other Wet N Wild trio. It contains three colors with imprints that tells you where to wear the color: browbone, crease, and eyelid. You can tell right off the bat that this trio is limited edition because of the pink limited edition sticker, and the fact that the packaging is white, whereas the permanent line is black. It's small and compact, and is easy to carry around. It also comes with two applicators: one that is a brush, and one that is a sponge applicator.

Scent: There is no scent at all. Can you imagine if eye shadows had fruity smells?! Just a though! :P

Colors: As stated before, there are three colors. The brow bone color seems to be a chalky, loose nude-peach shadow. The crease is brown, and the eyelid color is a vibrant blue that is also a bit chalky, but not as much as the peach. All three colors are matte. Pigmentation is lacking; Usually Wet N Wild have really pigmented colors, but these I have to put more layers of this product on in order to get a visible color. I love these colors nonetheless, and they definitely ring out to me as summer.

Application and Wear
: I would recommend wearing eye shadow primer with this trio because of the chalkiness of the brow bone and eyelid color. Instead of using the provided applicators I used my own brushes.

I didn't do a good job putting the shadow on, but you can get an idea of what the colors look like on my skin.

Cost: $2.99 at all stores wherever available (Select Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS) unless there is a weekly promotion going on.

Have any of you picked up any of the trios? How do you guys like them? I do like the colors, but I don't like the pigmentation, and maybe it doesn't show up well because I have light-medium skin tone? Any tips? I'll definitely try using this trio this summer though! I'll make it work! :)

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