Sunday, July 14, 2013

REVIEW: Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers

Everyone, I have new favorite lip products! Oh-em-gee! I'm sure many of you have heard of the Rimmel Apocalips lip products that Rimmel released in the UK, and now it's been released in the USA since last month as Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers! There are 8 shades in the UK, and 14 i the US. People have been crazy scavenging for these lacquers at Walgreens stores. Sadly enough, Walgreens is the only store that carries them, and they've been selling out.

These have been really popular due to the amazing pigmentation. It is like BAM in your face amazing! The colors are absolutely gorgeous! I picked up Comet and Celestial.

 The packaging is very neat since the top is geometric. The packaging color goes from black to the actual color of the lip lacquer which is a plus! I love it when you know what color you're looking at based on just the packaging!

 You can tell whether or not your lacquers have been tampered with by looking at the clear inside. If it has lip product in it, that means someone opened it already since as you pull the wand up, the lip product also goes up and fills the clear area.

The wand has a little hole in the middle where more product goes into. The purpose is probably to collect more product so that you don't have to stick your wand back in the bottle to get more product. I do think that sometimes it collects way too much product than you actually need, but it's pretty cool nonetheless. The wand head also moved gently sideways too that makes application much easier. Pigmentation is so crazy that you only need one layer!
Here is a swatch of Celestial which is a very natural pink in my opinion. This swatch is only one layer! Isn't that crazy beautiful?!

This is Celestial on my lips. I love this color! It doesn't feel dry, but it has a little wet texture. It feels pretty great on my lips!

This is Comet. See how the  product fills up that empty clear space as I pulled up my wand?

Again, this is only one coat of the Show Off.

Comet is a much darker shade than Celestial. It's a mauve and nude color that I'd probably be seen wearing more often in the fall and winter. Great formula just like Celestial.

Wearing time for this Show Offs lasted me around 4 hours (I wore Celestial for the day), and I of course, recommend these products. You may find them on a display, but if they're mostly sold out, store associates may have placed them in a box somewhere on the beauty checkout counter! By the way, these cost $5-$5.49 which is a great price! Prices vary regionally and from store to store. :)

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