Sunday, July 7, 2013

REVIEW: N.Y.C.City Proof Lip Gloss in "Blush Forever"

I finally that I love lip products most out of all other cosmetics. I'm a lover of mascara and lip products. Yup! I'm not too big on eye shadow, I love eye liner, and I love blushes and bronzers, but mascaras and lip products. WOW. I'm obsessed. I'll most likely be doing a lot of show and tells on lip products for the next few weeks since I've gotten some new lip products thanks to extra points/bucks from the drugstores, and from my sister, but today's today I am going to be reviewing a pretty inexpensive lip gloss I purchased a while back at Rite Aid. It's N.Y.C.'s City Proof Lip Gloss in "Blush Forever." Apparently N.Y.C. claims that this lip gloss will stay on your lips up to 8 hours. I've been wearing this product more frequently now since I like a nice shine for the summer.

Scent: Right off the bat when I opened the gloss, you will immediately smell a strawberry scent. It smells really good!

Application and wear
: This gloss isn't sticky when you apply it. It's quite easy to apply the gloss onto your lips as I only did one swipe of product over the top and the bottom of my lips without any problems at all. The brush is actually bent at an angle where it helps you apply the product easier. After 30 minutes, the gloss does get stickier which I don't like, but I believe that the stickier the gloss, the longer it stays on your lips. The gloss does have a long-wear effect, but I think don't think it'll last for 8 hours. Eventually you're going to have to eat, wipe your mouth, drink some sort of liquid from a cup or bottle.

Colors: There are 10 colors in the line. This color, "Blush Forever" is pretty faint and sheer. I don't even think I should even say "color" since it applies almost clear on my lips--it's like a clear pink that enhances the shine on my lips, and this you can probably tell by just looking at the gloss itself.  Specifically for this color, there are many fine glitter in the gloss that is apparent if you look up close, but overall this gloss is nice.

Cost: This lip gloss is only $3.49 regular price which is considered very inexpensive and really affordable! If you go to drug stores like Rite Aid or CVS, these can actually be cheaper if the store is having a promotional sale that week.

Overall, I recommend this product if you don't mind sticky gloss! :P

P.S. I've had this song stuck in my head for a while now! ;)

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