Saturday, July 27, 2013

REVIEW: Naisture Juicy Pomegranate Facial Mask

Hello, hello! I posted a photo (below) this past week or so of many different facial masks I purchased from the Korean market for $1 each. These are supposed to hydrate your face, making your face feel smooth and soft.

These facial masks are in little single pouches. Sometimes they come in 2 or 3 in a pouch. I am using the "Juicy Pomegranate" by Naisture brand.

On the back of the packet, it states that pomegranate is supposed to provide vitamins for your skin, leaving it moisturized, and to help with acne skin.

The directions on the back is written in Korean, and luckily there are English instructions too! It states to clean your face first, and then apply toner.

I am using the Avalon Organics CoQ10 Repair Perfecting Toner that I purchased from Rite Aid on clearance for $4. This does a good job of getting all the extra makeup gunk that is still hiding on my face. I have sensitive skin, so it does burn a little, making my skin red, but I feel pretty clean after using it.

Instructions then states to open the pouch, and carefully take out the mask.

The facial mask is folded up inside the pouch. Be careful when you take it out since the mask is soaked in solution. Better wet than dry, right? By the way, it smells nothing like pomegranate. It smells fruity though!

What you want to do next is carefully unfold the mask. I suggest doing this over a sink or over a paper towel because you will have liquid falling off the mask. Find the appropriate holes on the mask for your face and gently place it on your face! The mask is pretty big that it covers my whole entire face, which is a good thing. We all different face shapes and sizes, so this is good that this product covers up the face well enough.

I gently pressed the mask down against my skin, making sure that my face is touching the surface of the mask. The final look is below! Scary huh? I look like I can be a mummy! I indeed look scary, but I left this mask on for 15 minutes. Afterwards, I took it off and just dried my face. My skin felt oh so good afterwards! It felt very refreshed, clean, smooth and soft!  I'm not sure how often you're supposed to do this, but I now do this once a week! I really do like this!

I know that these can be found in Korean skincare stores, or Korean supermarkets, but if you do not live nearby one, you can always buy them online! Good luck, and have fun!

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