Friday, July 26, 2013

REVIEW: Essie "All in One" (3-Way Glaze)

Happy Friday!

Today I am reviewing the Essie "All in One" (3-Way Glaze) which is supposed to be a base coat, top coat, and a strengthening base for your nails. I purchased this a few months ago at Rite Aid for $4 on clearance when my store was in the process of getting remodeled.

I purchased this bottle because I love Essie nail polishes, and I thought that having a base and top coat in one was convenient, but this bottle also had a strengthening base, which made it even better, or so I thought! Everyone wants to have strong, smooth nails, right?!

The bottle itself looks like all the other Essie bottles except that it explicitly states it's an "all in one 3-way glaze" on one side of the bottle.

As the directions stated on the back of the box, I applied one layer of the product on my clean nails as a base:

You can tell from the photo that it really gives my nails a shine. It was easy to apply as the formula was not close to being thick. The problem with this already was that it was really sticky.

I know it's a way to market their brand and have people buy more of their product, but I continued following the directions and applied two coats of an Essie nail polish (In the Cab-Ana).

Below is a picture with the nail polish on only. No "All in One" polish yet.

This is after applying the "All in One." Notice the shininess of my nails from before and after. That is some mega shine! My nails also look smooth, so that's another plus! 15 minutes of waiting for nails to dry? Minus, minus! My nails do feel stronger though!

Overall, this product is mediocre. The formula is pretty wet which is fine, but my biggest problem is the drying time. Typically I would give my nails approximately five minutes to dry, and you should never rush your nail drying time, but I waited at least 15 minutes for my nails to dry where it didn't feel as sticky as before. This polish coat does give a nice great shine, but the waiting time for my nails to dry is a let down. No one wants to wait 15 minutes or more for their nails to dry! Don't you hate it when you move to grab something while you're trying to dry your nails, and it completely just falls on your nails and ruins it? Yup! You definitely have to be still and patient to wear this "All in One" coat, which I am not.

I believe this is $10 at Target and other local drugstores. This price is incredibly expensive for its quality. I am lucky that I purchased it on clearance for $4, and you can bet I won't be repurchasing this item again.  I would reconsider if they could make a formula where it dries faster.

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