Friday, July 19, 2013

Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Intense Moisturizing Hair Treatment!

Hello, hello! I've recently tried out the Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Intense Moisturizing Treatment that I purchased from CVS last week or so. I've never worn a hair mask or done any moisture treatment to my hair (only hair coloring and damaging :P ), so I wanted to see what it felt like!

The back describes the ingredients, what the purpose of this treatment is for, and how you apply it. The product comes in a small jar (13 fl. oz.), and it smells exactly like the argan oil conditioner by Organix! It's supposed to protect your hair from heat, moisturize it, and make it smooth and shiny.
So exactly what are you supposed to do? I took a generous amount of the treatment and lathered it through my hair with my fingers, trying to get the product through hair strands. I started application on the scalp and worked down the tips of my hair, and then I applied more cream to the tips since that is where I feel like I need more moisture since it's chemically treated.
Afterwards, I put my hair in a plastic bag so that the heat can be trapped and help my hair absorb the treatment better. You can use a shower cap if you have one, but I didn't have one so any plastic bag will work as long as you can tie it.

The jar recommends putting an additional cover over the hair using a warm towel. I followed the directions and soaked my towel in a bucket full of hot water. I drained what I could from the towel and wrapped it over the plastic bag on my head.

The directions said to leave the treatment on for 15 minutes which I did. After time ended, I pulled it all off!

 We're not quite done yet! We have to rinse it off! The directions said to wash your hair in cold water and that's  what I did! This is my hair after I let it air dry:

I obviously need a haircut, and my hair looks really dry, but the product actually made my hair feel smooth and silky, especially my damaged ends. However, I felt like this treatment is a 1-2 day thing which is "meh." I don't have time to do this for my hair every other day. Maybe my hair is way too damaged? Haha! I'm thinking about cutting my hair soon, so hopefully that'll help! I'll continue using this product, and I hope that maybe more uses will give me better and better results!

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