Friday, July 5, 2013

Hautelook Sale: Pixi & POP Beauty

Selected cosmetic products from the brands Pixi and POP Beauty are being sold on Hautelook right now until Monday, July 8 at 8AM Pacific. I'm actually surprised that there isn't as many products to choose and shop from. Pixi & POP Beauty is commonly featured on Hautelook with lots of stuff to select, but I'm assuming they (Nordstrom) are just needing to get rid of all the unsold stuff that they were not able to sell the previous times they were featured on the site.

If you've never shopped on Hautelook before, it's a pop-up shopping site. The site is owned by Nordstrom, and each day they feature brands and items on their page to sell for several days. Once the expiration of the sale on the specific brand or items occur, you won't be able to purchase the product(s), but new sales on specific brands and products are always posted daily. Shipping is quite expensive in my opinion where 2 lbs or less will cost you $8, and will increase in increments depending on your order.

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