Friday, July 5, 2013

Beauty/Makeup Sponge! Dupe for Beauty Blender?

One of the most popular beauty tools is the Beauty Blender known to create a flawless look using foundation and or concealer. The Beauty Blender is a squishy sponge that you can squeeze and mold. In order to use it, you stick it under water and then you squeeze almost all the water out so that the sponge is damp. Then you apply the foundation onto your face or sponge directly, and you bounce the sponge on and off your face. The sponge smooths out the foundation and leaves almost no blotches. The downside to this tool is the price. The Beauty Blender costs a whooping $20 which I find to be ridiculous since you're basically paying $20 for a sponge. It's become a popular tool though, and there are many companies who have developed their own sponge make up tool similar to that of the Beauty Blender except for the face that it costs for much less!

If you go to Marshalls or TJ Maxx you can find beauty sponges for a reasonable price at $4.99 or $5.99. That price is way better than the Beauty Blender! I purchased the Revive Beauty Pro sponge at Marshalls for $4.99, and it works fantastic! The shape is similar to the Beauty Blender since it has a teardrop shape, but I really can't compare the two since I don't have the Beauty Blender and will never purchase it. I find that this Revive sponge is squishy and very soft on the skin. My foundation looks great after appliance! The tip of the teardrop sponge is easy access for around the corners of my eyes, and I use the big bottom part of the sponge for my face.

You can use baby soap or shampoo to wash the sponge. I know the Beauty Blender sells the cleanser for $17 which is ridiculous!

I definitely recommend this product for anyone that wears foundation, concealer, and/or any kind of face coverage makeup product! Don't purchase the Beauty Blender. Go out to Marshalls, TJ Maxx or even Walmart and Target to buy one for 75%  of the Beauty Blender price! :)

You can see above how easy it is to squeeze. I have an extra one that I'm giving to my sister! :)

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