Thursday, June 20, 2013

REVIEW: Biosilk Silk Therapy

The day after Memorial Day marks the first day of summer for many people, but summer doesn't start officially until Friday, June 21 (TOMORROW! :D). That doesn't mean though that it doesn't feel like summer though! The weather is getting better, and warmer, so why not be prepared ahead of time anyway?

Since it's been warmer, there are certain items that I now have to use more frequently and/or bring along with me in my bag.

This is one of them. Dun, dun, dun!

This is perhaps my favorite hair product ever, and it's the Biosilk Silk Therapy which is a hair serum where you put a tiny dime-size drop of it in your hair, and it beautifully leaves your hair silky, shiny, weightless, and fragrant. This is quite expensive, as a 5 ounce bottle can cost you up to $16, so my best recommendation is to go on a hunt for this bottle at Marshalls or TJ Maxx if you really want this product! I purchased a 15 ounce bottle for only $19.99 at a Marshalls, and I've seen the same 15 ounce bottle at other Marshalls and TJ Maxxs in San Diego. This is actually my second bottle, and my first bottle which was actually a 12 ounce bottle ($17), and it lasted at least a year! Also be on the lookout for the trio set of the Biosilk Shampoo, Conditioner, and Biosilk. I see this set often as well and they cost ~$20-$30 depending on the sizes of course.

You don't need to use a lot of this product when you apply it to your hair. I recommend a dime-size drop since this is serum, and if you add too much your hair may look very oily which is something we never want, especially during the summer! No need for extra oily-look! You can either use this on damp or dried hair. What I do after a shower is comb through my damp hair, and apply and smooth out the product through hair strands using just my fingers. It's like miracle hair once my hair completely dries! I love it! 

Why is this product great for the summer? First off, my hair is chemically treated, so it is tends to be drier and more coarse compared to untreated  fine hair.  Secondly, it is H-O-T during the summer; therefore my damaged hair WILL become more damaged from the heat. This serum softens my hair where my fingers don't get stuck if I try pulling my fingers through it-- it's like a leave-in hair conditioner.


I don't carry the product around with me, unless I travel, but you can purchase travel size bottles at almost any drugstore to pour some of the Biosilk into if you own a larger bottle. The four set kit below was purchased at Target for $2.99.

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