Sunday, June 30, 2013

REVIEW: Almay Smart Shade Smart Balance

I purchased the Almay Smart Shade Smart Balance Skin Balancing Make Up a few weeks ago at CVS on clearance for 75% off in the "Light/Medium" shade. My sister told me she liked the product, but it is a light coverage face foundation or whatever you want to call it. I decided to try it out myself to see how it works, and I've got photos to show ya'll!

Right off the back as I was selecting my "shade," I noticed they only had three options: light, light/medium, and medium. The purpose of this coverage is to have the product turn into a color that is similar to your skin tone. I went with light/medium because my sister told me that medium was too dark. I actually notice that this is a big issue for Almay. They don't have a wide range of shades for different skin tones. I understand that it may be because it's a smart shade product so it's suppose to adapt to your skin tone, but really? Medium is the darkest you got?

Anyway, here are photos of my experiences with this product!

This is a photo of me without any make up, and you'll notice that I have blemishes and acne scars as well. Weather changes + stress leads to breakouts!

I squeezed out a little bit of the product out and it's a white liquid-y substance with tiny black or brown micro beads.

I applied the product to my face...

...and I noticed that the beads disappeared and the product turns into a brown color that is very close to my skin tone. 

Here's another look at it.

I only have one layer on in this photo. It does a good job of covering the little marks on my face.

I decided to put another layer on to see if it'll cover my big blemishes better, and it did make them look smaller than the original photo where I didn't have any makeup on.

Overall, I like this product, and I think that it works well. It's very easy to blend onto the skin, and it has a smooth texture to it that I like. Luckily for me this shade matches my skin pretty well; however, I am not sure if any of their three shades will match everyone. This is a product that I would powder my face with to set it. Also note that this product has SPF 15, so if you don't want to look shiny, put powder on. I'm not wearing any powder on my face, but the temperature has been warm lately, so I've been feeling as if I'm melting.
Like my sister said, it's light coverage, but you can always add another layer to give it a light to medium coverage. I do like this product!

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