Monday, June 10, 2013

Fashion Haul!

I keep telling myself that my favorite seasons are autumn, and winter, but I've been loving spring more, and more (I guess some of you may call it summer already though)! I have no doubts that I'll be loving summer as well, although I'm not so sure how much heat the sun can bring me down!

Nevertheless, I absolutely love shopping no matter what season, month, or holiday it is. I have to admit that my favorite time to shop is during the holiday season, but that is another story for the winter! I've been to Old Navy, Target, and Forever 21 within the past few weeks where browsing around turned into purchasing new items!

 My favorite gift I received from Nar are these beautiful Ballerina with Ankle Straps flats from Zara. I have been looking at these flats for ages ever since they came out at the beginning of spring, but the price was too ridiculous at $89.90. I discovered that they were on sale when we went to the Zara at South Coast Plaza for $50. $50 is still expensive in my consideration, but they were better than $90, and heck, I really wanted these flats! They are a lovely nude color with a gorgeous anklet chain.
The chain can be easily removed, so these flats are easy to dress up and dress down!

 I can't say that they are the comfiest flats I've ever worn, but they are very cute, and stylish!

 You will most likely have toe-cleavage like me, so that is also something to consider!

Old Navy had really cute lightweight graphic sweaters on sale for $15 or less. I picked this one up for only $10 in the clearance section. It's a mint color sweater with "Love" written across from it. I love finding great deals! I've worn this several times since purchasing it, and I just wear it alone without a cami underneath since it feels almost like a regular long sleeve shirt.
This is a beautiful and rather large yellow statement necklace with a string of crystals braided in. I just love the bold color! Great for summer! I purchased this on clearance at Target for approximately $5.

I picked this dress up on clearance as well at Target for only $7.48 at 70% off. There are two pockets along the sides, and a nice floral pattern that runs down the center of the chest and the bottom of the dress. I don't wear blue often, but that is going to change!

I picked up these earrings from Target too for $3.98, although I believe it is now around $3. These are cute and simple white dangling earrings. White and turquoise jewelry are the colors to wear for the summer.

I picked up this necklace from Target for approximately $5 -$6. I like the length of it as well as the stones and arrows. It kind of reminds me of the Flintstones. Haha!

Lastly from Target, I picked up a La Mer watch for $30. La Mer Collection watches normally cost $150-200+, and La Mer teamed up with Target to release some limited edition watches which are gorgeous! Some of the styles are now on clearance including the one I picked up as seen below.

The watch looks super long because it's a wrap style watch, where you wrap the straps continuously around your wrist to create something that looks like arm candy! I got super excited when I saw this style because I love the turquoise and white of course! Pretty cool, huh?

I stopped by H&M two weeks ago and picked up this see-though white drop-waist dress that has lace sleeves on the sides. White is a gorgeous color to wear during the summer, especially if you have a gorgeous glowing tan! I picked this up because it was on clearance for only $10, and because I loved the little details of the dress from the folded lace along the sides to the folded pleats under the waistline of the dress. And of course I'll be wearing a slip underneath!

My last two purchases are from Forever 21. Nar actually purchased this bag for me for $30, and I am in love with it! It is a Quilted Faux Leather Satchel in cream with black lining. The metals on the bag are in gold. I love this bag not only because it is black and white, but mostly because it is spacious! If you ever get a chance to look at the bag, look inside, and you'll find that there there is fabric that divides the space into two compartments. I like this idea because I can better organize the items I carry around with me. Most of the time I throw random items in my bag, and it gets lost somewhere. This bag is not too small or big, and comes with a handle and detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. My only complaint has to be the sturdiness of the strap which is actually thin. It feels very cheap and I'm scared that it may rip if I put too many items in my bag. Overall, I really like this bag!

 Lots of space!
The bag has an open and close clasp on the flap.
You can also purchase this bag in black with cream lining.

Last but not least, I purchased sandals from F21! Yay for summer! These are cute nude and metallic sandals I purchased for only $9! They are similar to these but in a different color! I find them very comfortable, and easy to strap in.

I am almost positive that if you go into the store, you can find more of these sandals in different colors in the same style!

That's all for my fashion haul! I'm going to put a pause on my fashion shopping now! :P

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