Wednesday, June 5, 2013

CVS Beauty Clearance Sale + Haul!

CVS has their semi-annual sale going on RIGHT NOW! Basically this happens twice a year in December and late May/early June where selected cosmetic items from various drugstore brands are marked down for either 50% off or 75% off! Wowser!

  • If your CVS has already marked their clearance items, you'll see neon pink stickers indicating that the item is 50% off and neon green stickers indicating 75% off. 
  • If there are no clearance stickers, scan the items at the CVS red box machine to check the price!
  • You CAN use manufacturer coupons and CVS coupons towards your cosmetic purchases as long as the coupon allows it. This makes some of the items almost free!
  • The clearance sale doesn't expire as they are trying to get rid of all the items on clearance.
  • Clearance prices vary regionally and from store to store, so some items may be a little more expensive than other items!

My little box with my CVS clearance haul!

The above are the items I purchased from the clearance sale.
These are the Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Glosses that are $2.24 each at my CVS! The colors are from left to right: Pearl Plum, Peach Petal, Shine City, Coral Reef, and Pink Pop. The first three colors I can see myself using during the fall/winter seasons since I tend to wear more darker and nude shades during those seasons, and currently I've been rocking out the Coral Reef and Pink Pop colors interchangeably these past few weeks! I have a feeling I'll just them for the rest of spring and summer! Great glosses that aren't thick, and sticky!

Several Revlon Lip Butters are on clearance as well! I purchased #70 Cherry Tart, and #65 in Creamiscle. I love Revlon Lip Butters because they are so stinkin' moisturizing! I love how my lips feel completely covered! Creamiscle is a light nude color that does not go well against my skin color, but Cherry Tart is a gorgeous red with shimmer. My CVS had them at $2.08.

Continuing on with Revlon, I purchased two Revlon PhotoReady Sculpting Blushes in #03 Neutral and #02 Peach. I have yet to try these out, but I've heard good things about them. My sister bought these two blushes as well, but she told me she didn't like them due to a lack of pigmentation, but we'll see how I feel about them once I try them out! I purchased these for ~$3.30 each.

The last two products I purchased from Revlon stuff that was on clearance was a Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara & Lash Enhancer in "Black Shimmer," and a Revlon ColorStay Brow Enhancer in "Light Brown/Champagne." I haven't used either, but I'm most excited about the brow enhancer! Hopefully I can make my brows look at least decent! :P The Revlon mascara was $2.69 and the brow enhancer was $2.49.

I am a mascara girl, so I picked up these two Rimmel black mascaras in The Max Volume Flash Waterproof and The Max Bold Curves! Both were approximately $2.08 each.

 I am a huge nail polish addict, so it can be assumed that I go through nail polish remover bottles quickly since I paint my nails at least once a week. CVS has all their CVS brand nail polish removers on clearance for 75% off that has the "33% More Free" label on the bottle! I actually stocked up on quite a few bottles, but there were lots of these left at my CVS! Check the end caps of the aisles for these polishes if you can't find them in the regular nail aisles! These were only $ 0.49 a bottle at my local CVS!

Lastly, I purchased this Almay Smart Shade Smart Balance in "Medium" for $3.75. Apparently "medium" is super dark, but hopefully it isn't otherwise.

That is all for my CVS Clearance Haul! Good luck hunting those deals and make sure to bring your manufacturer coupons with you along with CVS ones from the red box machine in the store!

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