Thursday, June 20, 2013

Covering Up!

'Tis the season so show a little skin, but not too much, right? Nowadays we've been seeing sheer tops, sheer dresses that gives other a little too much to look at. I'm not a fan of too much sheer and see-through clothing, but sometimes there are too many cute selections of clothing that I love, buy, and have to learn to work with!

I have several super sheer and see-through dresses in my closet including the dresses below, both purchased at H&M. You can tell easily that the dresses are pretty see-through, so how do I cover myself? A slip.

This is a slip that I also purchased at H&M. It looks like a tank top, but trust me, it's a slip that covers my butt and thighs. The material is vercose, and slip is flowy which is perfect for dresses that flow. This was only $12 at H&M, and I wear it all the time under my see-through dresses. I recommend purchasing something similar that matches your skin tone color so that you can wear it with any dress color and the slip won't stand out since it'll blend in with your skin tone.

Similarly, with see-through tops people wear camis, and if you own tank tops that show too much of a side cleavage, then I recommend wearing a bandeau top! :)

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