Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Target Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!!! For some reason I tend to like Tuesdays, and I don't know why, but maybe because it's the day after a Monday so the week starts rolling? :P

Anyway, I went to Target on Sunday with my sister and can you say 8 cents shoes?! That's right, one nickel and eight pennies!

The two Merona brand slip-on shoes on the left and middle were on clearance at 70% off for only $5.08 which is a great deal, but Target has a $5 off coupon for any woman Merona shoes. Use that coupon and pay only $0.08 for a pair!

Basically FREE!

For the pair of shoes on my right, I only paid $1.06 with tax! These shoes are much more comfy than the other two because it has a really nice cushion for the sole.

Clearance items at Target is variable between stores and regions. If these Merona shoes aren't on 70% off clearance, they probably will be marked down soon. Availability depends on store and regions as well, so be on the lookout!

Merona Laverne Sandals (in pink and black)were on clearance at my Target for $4.48, so using the same coupon it would have been a $0.52 moneymaker!
You can also use the $2 off sandal coupon Target has and pay $2.28 for the sandals which is also a great deal! Look out for them if you're looking for sandals instead! Although Target does not pay customers for overage, some Targets will take that overage and put it towards other products you've purchased in that same transaction.

I got these Merona Zacari Striped Rain Boots for my mom, but she's going to use them for gardening instead! They were on clearance for $9.98 and with the same coupon I only paid $4.98! Sweet deal!

My cashier was very nice, and my sister and I were able to do one transaction with the same coupon multiple times. Usually you're only allowed one Target coupon of a kind in one transaction, but it all scanned without any problems!

Happy bargain hunting everyone!

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