Thursday, May 2, 2013

Target Thursday!

Nail polish lovers! Now is the time to stock up on nail polish remover!

I didn't get to do a Target Tuesday, so I'm doing a Target Thursday instead! There is currently an Up & Up Nail Polish Remover coupon on the Target coupon website for 50 cents off a bottle. Click on the Up& Up link above and it should direct you to the coupon page under "Personal Care" where you'll find the coupon! You're only allowed two prints per computer.

You can normally find their Up & Up polish remover brand for $0.97, though it can vary regionally and by store. My local Target's remover was $1.14, and the Target by my sister's apartment was only $0.97! Psh!

With the $0.50 off coupon, you can get any of the 6 fl. oz bottles for $0.47! It's a great stock up price!

Enjoy your cheap nail polish remover! Yay for more nail art and painting! :P

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