Friday, May 24, 2013

SALE: Sears Drugstore Cosmetics 50% Off!

UPDATE 5/31: Looks like Sears 50% off is back on!!!!!!! 

UPDATE 5/30: It looks like the 50% off only lasted the Memorial Day weekend. I find it a little strange though, but hopefully it'll be 50% off again soon!

Sears' extended beauty
departments are closing, and right NOW online and in store you will find that drugstore cosmetic brands are on clearance for a whooping 50% off! I know just two days ago when I checked the skincare items under "Real Savings" on the left hand side was 50% off, but then I checked this morning and all the items underneath that headline is 50% off!

Definitely check out the Sears Beauty Clearance online too if you don't live by a Sears with an extended beauty department. Items are running out fast since this is such a great deal. I ended up buying three items and had them shipped to the nearest store for pickup! This option is free!

I purchased:
These are incredible deals, and it is hard to find these deals at the drugstore even when they are sale! It's a whooping 50% off, so definitely look around and see if you're interested in anything. I was looking forward to finding some Maybelline Color Whispers or Vivids, but most of them are sold out. I love that you can get these amazing deals online as well! 

Happy shopping everyone, and have a great Friday! :)

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