Thursday, May 30, 2013


I am SO excited for June for multiple reasons:
  • Summer!
  • Seeing my friends graduate from college!
  • One of my best friends is visiting from NY!
  • Taking my GRE

 Spring has been beautiful here in San Diego, but I sure as heck am ready for summer here in Sunny San Diego! But before we get to June, I want to share with you my May Monthly Favorites!

One of my favorite shampoo and conditioner brands is Organix! I absolutely love the products that they create! I've recently treated my hair last month (attempting to do the ombre effect hair), so I needed a shampoo and conditioner to really clean and condition my hair.  For anyone who has treated their hair chemically before knows that it will dry out your hair, making it course and tough! One thing I love about Organix is that the company creates products for certain types of hair. I picked up the Organix Repairing Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner, and used up the entire bottle within a little over a month! Exactly like the bottle states, it left my hair so soft after I left the shower! I haven't dyed my hair in a while since last month, and usually it is very difficult to get my hair soft, but I found this shampoo and conditioner great at giving my hair a nice texture along with a great smell. I am horrible at describing smells, but it's a little fruity and heavenly, and I love that even hours after showering I can still smell the scent in my hair!

I've always seen people using a round lip balm, and I've always wondered what brand it was, or what was so special about the balm since I saw literally everyone using it! I soon found out it was by the brand, EOS or specifically Evolution of Smooth. I went to Walmart with my sister, and saw a bunch of them on sale for $2.93 (instead of $3.29 on EOS website), so I decided to pick one up, and I selected Tangerine since I am a huge fan of citrus. When I opened the balm, I smelled it, and personally, it did not smell like anything but petroleum jelly. Maybe my nose is bad at picking up scents, but I knew it straight up smelled like regular lip balm. I applied it on my lips, and goodness! This stuff is super dooper moisturizing! NOW I can see why people are in love with this balm, but I still couldn't figure out why EOS named it "Tangerine." Then I decided to lick my lips, and what do you know, it tasted like tangerine! Ohhh! After my first time using, I've been obsessed with it that I picked up another one in "Strawberry Sorbet." I've been a long term user of Burt's Bees lip balm, but I think I've found a replacement! This stuff really does work, and I love it!

I absolutely LOVE Milani's Baked Blushes! I have four of these that I've bought within the past two months, and Corallina was the first one that I tried out. This is a beautiful coral color with pinks, whites, and of course coral! Be warned that this blush has shimmer, but it isn't overpowering when applied to the cheeks. I recommend going light on the brush when you apply this product, because a little goes a long way, and I've definitely learned the hard way! Pat your brush onto the blush a little!This blush is super easy to apply and blend. I do have a little bit of fallout, but it isn't a big deal at least for me. The packaging is a little bulky, and that's because it flips open to a mirror and a space for a blush that is provided. Nonetheless, I love having a healthy coral/pink glow, and this is definitely a blush that gives it to me!

Summer is definitely around the corner, and that means it is bronzer season! I wear bronzer all year round, no matter what season, but summer is when people love to tan, go to the beach, and get that natural glow. This is the NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in "Sunny" or "720A"that can be purchased at Target, CVS or Rite Aid, and it is one of my favorite bronzers because it is MATTE. That's right! No shimmer or glitter! This is great for contouring the face, and giving me that natural glow that I like. I have quite a few bronzers that have shimmer in it, but I can't use those to contour my face, and that's why I like this bronzer by NYC. The compact is very easy to carry around since it is small, and it also has a mirror and a sponge applicator (not pictured) for you to use. The bronzer applies on easily, and I love that this only costs $2.99 regular price! If you go to CVS or Rite Aid, they always have sales on NYC products, so you can probably get even a sweeter deal on this bronzer. I definitely recommend this bronzer if you want a good, inexpensive and matte bronzer!

I am a huge nail addict, and O.P.I. is one of my favorite nail polish brands because they have great polish formulas, a great brush, and a wide variety of colors to select from. I hate nail polishes that leaves small bubbles on my nails after I paint them, and I never that that problem with any O.P.I. polishes! This one I am wearing is called "Red Lights Ahead... Where?" which is a beautiful red-orange cream color. I am only wearing two coats, and I adore this color so much because it's a bright, bold, and summer color. I love all shades and variations of reds, and I love it when there are bright, beautiful, and bold colors to wear for the summer! 

Almost everyone has dark circles underneath their eyes, and I use concealer in order to cover up the dark spots! No one wants to look like they just gave birth to a child, and has been up all night! I've been using the Maybeline Fit Me Concealer for months, and you can tell by that based on the faded outside packaging of the concealer in the photos. I've used many concealer sticks before, but I found that they are not blendable and the product would seek in between my lines. It's a big no-no! I discovered this Maybelline concealer at Ulta as I was browsing around to look for something to meet the current deal they were having and I saw this. What drew me to it? The fact that it was NOT a concealer stick! I have yet to find a good concealer stick, but this Maybelline concealer has a great applicator like the ones you find on lip glosses. I really like this concealer because it is creamy, therefore it is blendable. I have no troubles at all blending this product underneath my eyes or my "uh oh" spots. I believer there are 6 different shades, which I believe is a great and wide selection than just light, medium and dark. Definitely try this out if you haven't found a good concealer.

I am typically not a fan of lip gloss because I hate how sticky they are, but I found these two lippies at CVS as part of their clearance sale, and I absolutely love them! These Revlon Super Lustrous lip glosses are not sticky at all! They have a great, smooth, finishing texture that does not shut my lips together like they are glued. You can see that both colors are true to what it is named. "Coral Reef" is a gorgeous coral, peachy color that is perfect for summer with glowing skin, and "Pink Pop" is a beautiful pink color that is perfect for spring and summer as well. I've been alternating my uses between these two colors because I love them so much. I am very glad that I found lip glosses that don't stick! I do have to reapply often especially when I eat or drink, but the formula is great, and I feel like it moisturizes your lips very well too. Most lip glosses you have to reapply anyway! They have a lot of other colors as well, but these two are my favorites for the month and probably for the next few months! :P

That is all for my May Favorites! I hope that my comments are helpful to you if you are planning on trying any of the products! Happy early summer, ya'll! :)

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