Friday, May 10, 2013

Beach Days!

I've been running a lot at the beach lately, and I am so thankful it is beach season here in San Diego! I love listening to the waves crashing against the rocks, and looking at mother nature's cliff formation. Nature is amazing, and I am so grateful to have been born and raised in such a gorgeous city.

Yesterday afternoon and evening I spent some time with a few good friends of mine. We all were or are FUSION Coordinators, and it is a tradition to have a FUSION Coordinator dinner! Before dinner I picked two of them up, and we headed to the beach to dip our feet in the sand!

La Jolla Shores

We had dinner at Star Anise in La Jolla, and I got Pad See Ew which was really good!

We went to E&Drink in San Diego and got desserts and drinks afterward. I got myself an acai berry smoothie with boba! :)

This morning I went on a walk/run with my friend, Mouang at Torrey Pines. We completed 8.5 miles, and we reached Glider's Port (La Jolla) from Torrey Pines. Our goal is to go from Torrey Pines all the way down to La Jolla Shores. It is totally possible!

We saw some huge kelp bladders along the coast!

You can see La Jolla from here! We went for miles!

This morning has been eventful, and I usually run by myself Friday mornings, but it's always nice to have a companion to workout with too. I cannot wait until my run next week, and for summer to come along! Happy Friday!

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