Monday, April 29, 2013

Manicure Monday!

Happy Monday everyone!

This week's manicure is Sally Hansen's Salon Effects in "510 Mod About You." I bought several of these Salon Effects at Target on clearance (retail value is $7-10) a long time ago using coupons, and now I'm finally giving them a try. It's actually not too bad to put on, but here are the contents inside the box:

 This comes with 14 tabs of different size nail shapes for you to choose from, a small filer, a wooden stick, and instructions.

First you have to file down your nail to your desired shape, and then using the wooden stick you're supposed to push your cuticles down.

Next: 1) Select the shape size that fits each nail the best. 2) Peel the clear slip off, and 3) Break the tip 4) Peel the nail color/design off and apply on your nails. Using the orange side of the file, file the sticker down and take excess off.

It was very tricky for me to apply the salon effects. I didn't understand the breaking part, but I eventually just peeled the whole thing off and pressed it down my nails. Here is the outcome:
 It's a little messy, but it didn't turn out too bad. The box says it should last up to ten days, and knowing how this is my first time, I'm sure it'll last me a few days. HAHA.

It's definitely easier to use nail polish to paint nails, but perhaps it's because I'm not used to using these Salon Effects. I have quite a few more of these, so I'll definitely have time to perfect this nail technique! :)

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