Friday, April 12, 2013

Macarons Craving (+ Review) !

Happy Friday evening! Hopefully you all have finished your taxes, so that you can enjoy tonight! Thank goodness it is Friday!

I've been craving so badly for macarons (English)/macaroons (French spelling), and in San Diego they don't have many places nearby my home that sell them. I found on Yelp though that there's a cafe called Opera Cafe & Patisserie that sells a box of 12 of them for $12 which is considered "cheap" in comparison to other places that sell them for $2 a piece! Opera Cafe is a French restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch on a daily basis. It's located in Sorrento Valley where a lot of the businesses are so it can get pretty crowded!

I stopped by the cafe a little after 1PM and to my surprise the cafe was so packed! The cafe works like Panera Bread where you order and pay at the front, you're given a number card to place at your table, and then they deliver your food. The cafe was not at all quiet! I felt like it was a huge and popular restaurant with both many indoor and outdoor seating! I definitely want to stop by for lunch one day to try out the menu, but I was solely there to satisfy my craving! The 12 macarons were already packaged in a box and came in six flavors, two of each!

I've definitely tried out better ones, and I noticed that these are smaller sized than usual, but that is probably reflected in the cheaper price.

Here's a look at the inside of the chocolate macaron:

The macarons are very flaky. As I picked one out of the box the dessert was already cracking and coming apart which I didn't like; It was as if the top layer was filled with only air. The sizes of the macarons are quite small, but they are cheaper than the ones I have had, so I can't really complain. In terms of flavor, they sure are flavorful. I suggest refrigerating them before eating them, that way you can really taste the flavors. My favorites of all of them are definitely the "wild strawberry" and "salted caramel." They are delicious! The flavors of each one are truthful to what they are depicted, but those two flavors stood out to me the most.

Do I recommend these macarons? Yes! Though I have experienced better macarons, these aren't too bad for the price. You can taste the flavors and they are inexpensive in comparison to other French bakeries!

I do want to come back to this restaurant and order a meal too! They also had a nice display of other desserts that looked so good! I'll definitely give this place another try for their other foods! :)

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