Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Polishes of the Week!

Since I didn't do Manicure Monday this week, I will instead post two nail polishes that I've recently worn or am wearing.

Both are from OPI and and are the "liquid sand" texture polishes that OPI created.

This first one is called "Can't Let Go" which is part of the Mariah Carey collection. It's a true purple color with extra glitter specs.

This one in my opinion is much better. This is OPI's "What the Wizardry is This" from the Oz: The Great and Powerful collection.

This is a liquid sand textured polish as well, and it is gold with fine gold glitter. Unlike the Mariah Carey one above, this doesn't have extra shape specs inside which I like better. Very pretty.

I do find that after one week the texture of these polishes fade away and starts coming off. I didn't wear a top coat because I liked the texture of the polishes that I wanted to leave it like that. I do like these colors and polishes though. :)

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