Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy March!

It is finally MARCH! I cannot believe it's March! March rings SPRING time for me and for a lot of you, although a lot of retailers have brought in their spring products by the end of January! Crazy right? Every season and holiday now comes two months ahead with the exception of Christmas which comes four months ahead! No kidding!

This weekend should be beautiful in San Diego! I'm going to get my hair cut today in two hours, and head to the beach where my friend works in a PT office to have lunch! The rest of my weekend will be spent doing school work and hanging out with my little cousins. I'm supposed to go to the zoo, but my uncle had asked me to take the little cousins out to shop with him since he doesn't know how to handle kids, and I do?! I do have some experience, but they're good kids at the top of their classes, hence why they get a shopping spree.

I went to a restaurant next to La Jolla Coves called Brockton Villa, and it was an absolutely gorgeous sight to see. I love La Jolla beaches of course since I went to college at UCSD, but seeing the coves yesterday on such a beautiful day made it extra special since I haven't visited in such a long time. I used to go to the coves at night with my friends and we would play in the water and talk about our past, present, and futures. Anyhow, I ordered crabcakes at Brockton, and they were good!

I do recommend this restaurant since they have good food and service and an astonishing view of the ocean, but parking is horrible! The restaurant is on Coast Blvd., but the street is one way only which sucks because if you can't find parking you'll have to go all the way around Downtown La Jolla, and it is crowded during lunch. The La Jolla Coves are one of the main attractions in my opinion in San Diego for tourists, so it does get crowded. It's definitely a popular spot! My cousin and I were sitting outside at first because we wanted to enjoy the view and sunshine, but the seals are right across from the restaurant, and they smelled horrible that we had asked to move inside. They were nice to accommodate us inside, and we were able to still have a view. :)

Here's to March, everyone! Have a great Friday, and a great weekend! I picked up some Maybelline Color Whispers this past week, so most likely I'll do a review on them sometime this weekend! :)

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